Safety and Protection

Keeping your child safe and in a secure environment is a top priority at Lifeprints. Our centers have procedures that we live by to uphold this standard. 

- Visitor and pick up identification: ​Photo ID is required by anyone that is not familiar to the Lifeprint's Directors. If the visitor is on your child's pick up list they are still required to show photo ID. 

- Security doors: All of our locations have a electronic keypad lock on our doors. Once enrolled our parents will have a special PIN to open the door. (the PIN will change often for the safety of your child) Of course for our visitors who don't have the PIN, we always have someone to greet them and help with the pick up process.

Clean and loving Environment

Lifeprints takes all the precautions they can to avoid spreading germs and keeping a extra clean learning environment.

Toys are cleaned on a regular basis after kids come in contact with them. 

- All classrooms are cleaned and disinfected daily.

- All staff has current food handlers qualifications and knowledge, as well as CPR certification and training. 

- Teacher's practice positive reinforcements and redirection to provide an enjoyable learning experience for all children. 

​​ Lifeprint's Goals for you and your family 

Interactive learning space

It is very important that each room is set up for a successful learning experience and encourages your child to learn through exploration and social interaction. Each classroom is set to centers that inspire 3 main development areas: 

-  Social and emotional development 

-  Intellectual Development 

-  Physical development 

Nutrition and healthy habits

Classrooms practice family style dining which helps in the teaching of setting the table, serving others and themselves, as well as cleaning up. Our teachers help children to develop healthy habits and polite manners such as,

- Washing hands after bathroom, outside time and activities 

- Please and Thank you as well as communicating appropriately at the eating table. 

- Personal hygiene and good practices for home. Examples: brushing teeth, washing face